Obscure Boundaries

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With Obscure Boundaries, I continue the Dr. Naomi Alexander experience with a story about the complicated pain of grief and its impact on a family trying to heal. Jeff Winthrop is seemingly “haunted” by his first wife, but needs to give serious attention to the actions of his present wife …

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Obscure Boundaries is a story of sorrow and mystery—and redemption.

OB: Cast of Characters

  • Jeff Winthrop: Successful artist/sculptor, still mourning his dead wife, Julia.
  • Mallory Winthrop: Jeff's teenage daughter, trying to navigate the unsettled atmosphere in her home as best she can.
  • Ruth Winthrop: Jeff's second wife.
  • Todd Winthrop: Jeff's son and Mallory's younger brother, managing to stay above the fray, but just barely.
  • Dr. Naomi Alexander: Family therapist providing grief counseling to the Winthrops.
  • Leslie Alexander: Naomi's daughter.
  • Kevin Oheneba: Forensic pathologist, Naomi's significant other.
  • Elliot "Kelz" Kelton: Mallory's friend.

More on the OB crew, coming soon.

OB: Audience Participation

You read Obscure Boundaries, but did you read it?

You heard from Naomi, Jeff, and Mallory in OB.

Was there a character that touched you most?

The Music in Obscure Boundaries

Classical music plays a key part of the Dr. Naomi Alexander novels because it’s a part of her character. Jeff and Julia Winthrop often bonded over music in their attic studio. Jeff uses music as a form of inspiration to relive memories. Mallory’s appreciation for Funk comes from her mom and dad. Ruth plays gospel music often. As with Like Sweet Buttermilk, the music of Obscure Boundaries is integral to the story, conveying both mood and message. Check back for my perspective on the music selected for the story.

OB: and then some ...

Recipe - Banana Upside-down Cake

Naomi's daughter, Leslie, improved on this recipe, making it her ownmuch to her mother's surprise and delight. Click here for a recipe for this cake that you can add your own special twist to, too.

Comments Welcomed

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