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Not to be confused with “oleo” (another name for margarine), “olio” is simply a cool way (I think, anyway) of saying hodgepodge, potpourri, miscellany.

This page is dedicated to NOC (Not Otherwise Classified) elements in the world of commercial fiction works by S.F. Powell that might interest you.

Although I have a presence on social media, sfpowellbooks.com is where I live and breathe, so this is where you’ll still find most of the ‘good stuff.’

So many things go into creating a world of fiction, commercial or otherwise: so many random, seemingly unrelated things. Fiction, by nature of its meaning, lends itself to embodying the arbitrary.

This page may have something to make you chuckle or reveal a key character aspect motivating their action in an S.F. Powell work. As my collection of works grows, who knows what tiny bits and pieces make the puzzle fit? I don’t even know everything about my works—yet. So peruse and discover.

For Starters

For starters, here’s a sample of live and upcoming topics for “OLIO”:

  • Read more about fictional character, Dr. Naomi Alexander
  • Here's a discussion on my Novel Food Eats
  • TBD: My perspective on the music in my novels
  • Check out my blog: "S.F. Powell: Sans Serif"
  • TBD: Get my slant on other commercial/mainstream works and writers
  • TBD: View some of my favorite quotes that inspire
  • And more!

Family Therapy Indeed

The central character thus far in the S.F. Powell works, is psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi Alexander. She does her best to help her patients overcome all kinds of mental ails, but here's the thing: maybe she needs to have a seat herself...

Click here for a little more on the doc.

Setting the Table

Fork? Check. Knife? Check. Spoon? Got it. Plate and napkins? You bet.

From sandwiches to bourbon to Belgian waffles to sardines, foods do their thing in bringing a story together. Learn a bit more about the foods in my novels here.

Novel "Soundtracks"

Music. A universal language, it hath charms to soothe any soul, really. The songs or music cited in my books novels cover a range of genres. Naomi is fond of classical music. In Like Sweet Buttermilk, Rick and Viv like a good deal of R&B and Soul from the 1960s and 1970s. Gospel music is interspersed throughout the works of S.F. Powell as well, with readers/fans to see other music genres in works to come.

The characters in S.F. Powell works often use music to convey feelings. Hopefully you like and/or recognize a song or two and can relate. Check back soon to understand more specifically how each song in a novel’s playlist relates to its respective chapter(s).

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