About S.F. Powell

S.F. Powell

Who Am I?

The "reserved" accountant puts pen to paper.

I love books, stories. Eventually, my own curiosity about the outcomes of real-life situations, of failed marriages, and crossed friends, of people being content with ill-content, and of the constant search for “more” or “better,” created the desire to put pen to paper and explore…

About the Author:
Undefined by Definition.

Expressive writing, stories, and storytelling have inspired me for as long as I can remember, but I began my journey as a write (putting pen in hand), in my teens.

My first writings, or musings if you will, were a mixture of essay, poem, and commentary that spoke to the angst surrounding people relating to people.

Much of my creative spark stems from a myriad of things: a sunrise, the seasonal change in the trees, thunderstorms, a cool wind at dusk. Reading  however, remains a constant source of inspiration. Wanting to give voice to some of what remains unsaid in relationships “between and among people,” I penned Like Sweet Buttermilk.

Hold tight now … To be defined suggests that someone/something is finite. By nature, I am undefined by definition and I explore my “undefined-ness” in everyday life experiences—to define who I am. Are you wit’ me?

5 Things You May (or May Not) Know about S.F. Powell

  • A favorite cartoon: “Scooby-Doo.”
  • One of my “must haves”: disposable dental flossers.
  • I love a good horror movie. Preferred horror genre: Supernatural premise.
  • In my free time, if I’m not writing, one of the things I like to do is watch documentaries.
  • When it comes to fashion accessories, I’m a fan of unique watches and odd socks.

How Like Sweet Buttermilk (LSB) came about

Okay, so, I'm in the park working on my poetry, doing my whole introspective-creative thing, when I notice a couple being romantic, engaged in a little excessive PDA. They were into it, oblivious to their surroundings ... And before picking up my pad and pen and walking away, I wondered if either of the other, could forgive either of the other—for anything…

How Obscure Boundaries (OB) came about

This actually began with my attempt at writing a horror novel. I had all kinds of supernatural spooky stuff planned (I’m a fan of Stephen King), but in the end, as it most times happens (and many writers can attest to), the story took on a life of its own—and required a little assistance from Dr. Alexander…

The Wrap-up

The process of writing can be difficult, even painful sometimes, but as I work on my next project, I can’t imagine not writing. Of the many forms of self-expression, it is the one I tether to.

I encourage you to find and tether to yours, be it in pictures, music, dancing, writing, teaching, painting, whatever. The fruits and beauty of Mother Earth are Gifts. Extending ourselves to positively impact our human family is an absolute good we all should take part in on some level, any level; be it huge or minuscule—it all matters. And so …

Currently Working on…

  • Broken Benevolence (the UNlove story of Cecily and Oscar)
  • Black Rainbows (my poems and poetic commentaries).  Newsletter subscribers will have special access to samples of this work.
  • FANBE: stay tuned …

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