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SFPB News Quarterly, Issue #001 (July-Sept 2016) -- The Kick-off
August 12, 2016
Greetings Fiction Fancier,

Quote of Note:

"Learning to sing one's own songs, to trust the particular cadences of one's own voice, is also the goal of any writer." --Henry Louis Gates Jr.

In This Issue

S.F. Powell Presents **LSB News **OB News **Up Next **The Writing Life

S.F. Powell Presents

Thank you for subscribing, Dear Reader. I won’t keep you long. The idea is simply to hit you with news and updates about what’s happening in the world of, giving insights to my writing process and maybe provide specialized information on the characters you encounter in my books. So, if you’ll lend me your eyes and interest for about five minutes, let’s get on with the first issue of the SFPB News Quarterly...

After “The End”

A few tidbits on works already published:

Like Sweet Buttermilk News

The good love here begged for more exposition. A prequel/sequel is in the works.

Obscure Boundaries News

I’m drafting a short-story that takes a peek at Jeff and Isolyn’s relationship. It’ll be free on in the coming months.

Up Next: Broken Benevolence

Psychiatrists treat all kinds of people for all kinds of mental ails. For Broken Benevolence, I wanted to explore aspects of Svengali-type relationships. Cecily is under Oscar’s thumb, but fails to see that she’s really holding all the cards. The novel captures her journey to this realization and her steps to reverse the effects of Oscar’s influence—with Naomi’s help, of course.

The Writing Life

The life of a writer can be lonely, but it is a loneliness welcomed. When it's just the pen, the paper, and the imagination, there isn't much room for anything else--not for those hours (or days) that a writer is "lost."

Right now, I'm at a crossroads for a plot point in Broken Benevolence. It can take some time to work it out, because, as you can probably guess, whichever path I choose affects the actions of the characters involved--which can then drive the story in a different direction entirely (if I'm not careful).

Interestingly, to work out that issue, I'm devoting time to my other works: such as more bonus material for

Stay tuned.

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