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They say authors all need one (who “they” are is too numerous and varied to mention), so, I have one. My blog, like many others, is just an extension of my writing life.

S.F. Powell Musings

Occasionally my blog blurbs about the little things that make life better (or worse). Whether you agree or disagree, hopefully, you’ll find nuggets that make you chuckle, or soften inside, or give you pause. Life is a ride, ladies and gentlemen, let’s hang our heads out the window and take in the scenery of the journey with the wind in our faces.

S.F. Powell Inspiration

Are my muse and my inspiration the same thing? Yes … and no. My muse gets me putting pen to paper—those things belong to me. My inspiration(s) however can belong to anyone. If I’m not “musing,” my blogs will offer snippets of inspiration: be it song, or quote, or an obscure whatever. If you’re looking or hanging out of the window on this ride with me, you’ll be fine.

Author Events and Happenings

Every now and then, an author attends events and participates in other happenings to meet and greet and get interpersonal with fans, authors, and all-around lovers of the written word.

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Unpredictable and loving it!

I really enjoyed reading this book. As a person reads any book, you often find yourself predicting how the scene will play out. As I read Like Sweet Buttermilk,

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Awesome Read!!

I am definitely not a reader... but this book was really amazing. I could understand the feelings of both parties. Yet it even made me jealous of their

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Smorgasbord: The Foods in S.F. Powell's Fiction

What a character eats can give insight into their personality. To create engaging, adult commercial fiction, S.F. Powell has characters doing everyday things as well as triumph over conflict.

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Like Sweet Buttermilk Relaunches!

LSB's re-release officially launches and kicks off with an interview.

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