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Like Sweet Buttermilk (In a Nutshell)

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In my debut commercial fiction novel, Like Sweet Buttermilk, I took a provocative look at a contemporary love story with the story of a marriage ignited in the aftermath of murder.

For a fuller description of the story, check out my Novels & Writings page.

Settle into the story, and then ask yourself: What would you do?

So much changed with LSB that it deserved a re-release, making it literally a love story revisited. And like fine wine, LSB's gotten better with time.

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LSB: Cast of Characters

  • Viv Phillips: Successful career woman, married to Rickand presently not all that happy about it.
  • Rick Phillips: Marketing Executive, married to Viv; he's thinking all is welluntil it isn't.
  • Alna Phillips: Rick and Viv's young daughter.
  • Dr. Naomi Alexander: Psychiatrist/Family therapist treating Rick and Viv.
  • Jonathan Rast: Owner of the restaurant Rick and Viv frequent and with whom Viv has an extramarital tryst
  • Louise Nyguen-Collins: Viv's close friend (with a hidden agenda)
  • Mark Dilworth: Rick's coworker and friend
  • Eugene Phillips: Rick's dad
  • Leslie Alexander: Naomi's daughter, whose contentious relationship with her mother serves a purpose

More on the LSB crew, coming soon.

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Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

LSB: Audience Participation

The Music in Like Sweet Buttermilk

One of the things about Rick that Viv says is part of her attraction to him is his “appreciation for the good music of the ‘70s.” Dr. Alexander will sometimes pause to enjoy a particular piece of classical music. Even Alna bursts into song at a joyful moment.

Music is a vehicle for bonding, a vehicle for change. Music is as much a part of the S.F Powell storytelling as anything else. Check back soon for my perspective on the music or songs I selected for this work.

Bonus Item: The R/V Experience

Did you like the chemistry between Rick and Viv? Is it their bond with their daughter? Maybe it’s the way they communicate. Or (wink, wink), perhaps it’s their intimate moments? Whatever it is, if you enjoyed the R/V Experience, check out my Trivia & Bonuses page for a little more on Mr. and Mrs. Phillips.

LSB: and then some ...

Recipe - Buttermilk Pie

Viv says that Rick loves this pie, but never makes it at home. Click here for a recipe that you can make at home.

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