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Greetings, fans of S.F. Powell’s works and lovers of commercial fiction. It’s time to get your ‘fun’ on! This site is devoted to spreading the love of fiction, but just maybe you want to have a little ‘end-of-story’ entertainment. There’s no better way to escape the doldrums of daily life than picking up a book and hiding from the world, but sometimes the end of a book leaves you wanting a little more. That's what sfpowellbooks.com is all about.

Take a Peek behind the Scenes

What’s it like in the writing life of S.F. Powell? If you’ve ever wondered what a dedicated fiction writer does to have those creative stories make their way to the page, you’re about to satisfy that curiosity. In my blog, I’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes information about my writing life, and I may even give you some peeks into the world of your favorite characters. Newsletter subscribers will have access to chapter freebies.

There’s always so much more to a character than what makes it on the page after final cuts and edits. Subscribing to my blog, "S.F. Powell: Sans Serif," or my newsletter, "SFPB News Quarterly," is just a click away.

Put Your Brain to the Test

So you’ve finished reading Like Sweet Buttermilk or Obscure Boundaries. You loved them! You’re a fan!

Wonderful! But let’s see just how well you paid attention. You know the stories, but do you know the stories? What do you really know about S.F. Powell’s characters and creative works? If you consider yourself a knowledge person or a literary pro, there are trivia quizzes and tidbits to keep you on your toes.

If you've read my stories, go ahead and take one of the quizzes for the fun of it. Keep up with the latest stories and book releases so that you can show off a little. Like my pages or share them via social media--get your fun on! The more the merrier!

Dive in and get started by testing your LSB or OB knowledge with a quiz. They're located in the Audience Participation section of each book's respective webpage.

Cook Up Something Delicious

Discover recipes related to your favorite S.F. Powell fictional works. What’s your favorite character eating for dinner tonight? Spend some time in the OLIO section of the site, and they may be whipping up the same thing that hits your table tonight. Recipes and a discussion on the dishes mentioned in Like Sweet Buttermilk and Obscure Boundaries can be found there.

What’s Next for the S.F. Powell Books?

If you've clicked through the site, you've spotted mention of a few of the works in progress, but there are always ideas bubbling in my head, so you never know what’s going to come from the fiction world of S.F. Powell. And for works featuring Dr. Naomi Alexander, you never know who’s going to sit on her counsel couch or what problem they’re going to need her help solving. Keep a close eye on this page because I will be releasing details about upcoming books. For newsletter subscribers, there will be chapter previews for those new works.

I want to reward my fans with bonuses big and small. From a fun game, to a trivia question that throws you for a loop, or a chapter preview that pulls you to the edge of your seat and makes you thirst for more, the bonus materials aim to enrich your experience with the worlds of my commercial fiction.

Bonus for Book Clubs

Okay. Everyone has their book and their cup of tea (or glass of wine as the case may be), and now it’s time to get the discussion rolling. I've provided a sheet with sample questions to serve as conversation starters. There may be clues to answers to some questions right here as well.

Another idea for group fun is to take the book quizzes together. With tablet or laptop in hand, book club members can form teams and make it a game. Good food and drink, good people, good book, good fun. Go for it!

Other Bonuses

As mentioned, I reworked the ending of LSB because I had more Viv and Rick story to tell. So much so, I’m putting together a “compilation” book, if you will, to supplement their story. If you’d like more on the LSB couple, let me know here.

Bonuses for Newsletter Subscribers!

A fan of Rick and Viv?

Signup for the SFPB News Quarterly and get these bonuses:

  •     An excerpt from the day Rick and Viv met.
  •     An excerpt on Viv and Rick’s first visit to DeTante’s.
  •     More to come!

Richard and Vivian: their story continues ...

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