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More books and novels are waiting in the wings, but two are available now: fiction that offers a cool escape from the everyday and creates a world that keeps you turning the page.

Like Sweet Buttermilk

Like Sweet Buttermilk (LSB), a story of betrayal, deception, and love, explores the emotional boundaries within what appears to be an ordinary marital relationship.

Rick Phillips loves his family. To him, family is everything. He is leading what he considers a comfortable home life with his wife, Viv, and their young daughter, when Viv tells him that she wants to separate.

Through therapy with Dr. Naomi Alexander, Rick and Viv attempt to salvage their marriage and find renewed passion for each other. Naomi however, knows that all is not as it seems. Rick's irrational devotion to family has Naomi worried for Viv's safety. The no-nonsense psychiatrist becomes the reluctant semi-detective...

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Obscure Boundaries

Obscure Boundaries (OB), a tale of grief, sorrow and the power of rebounding hope, is the second novel featuring Dr. Naomi Alexander and tells the story of Jeff Winthrop, a successful artist who remarries after the death of his first wife.

Julia Winthrop has died, leaving her husband, Jeff, and their two children, Mallory and Todd, to carry on without her. When Jeff remarries, the Winthrops make a go at starting a new life with Ruth, but it isn’t easy.

In their sessions with Dr. Alexander, the Winthrops work through their family issues. From her place in her yellow counsel chair, Naomi knows something is off between Ruth and the Winthrop children. She needs to get Jeff better, and sooner rather than later. But Naomi’s efforts have to deal with something beyond her purview: Jeff believes Julia is still with them.

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Marriage counseling meets murder suspense.
Grief counseling meets familial jeopardy.

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In Production: S.F. Powell Books (soon) Presents ...

Broken Benevolence. Cecily Brooks is down but not out as she battles the mind games played by her husband, Oscar…

The RV Experience. For fans of Rick and Viv (RV), this is a compilation, in unconventional story form, of key moments in their relationship before and after Like Sweet Buttermilk

Black Rainbows. Emotions. The impetus for my creativity. Black Rainbows is a collection of poems (and something I like to call “poetic commentaries”) on the deluge of emotions in this thing of living with and relating to people. And while the title might suggest it’s a dark work, it really isn’t. (Well…)

FANBE. Dr. Alexander’s worlds are colliding as she treats a group of women who consider themselves family. But these “family” ties are about to be broken…

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