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Words, written or spoken, have the power to transform views, to transport imaginations. I’ve spent years penning works with the intention of creating interesting worlds and characters for adults. As the author of two novels (with novels 3 and 4 in development) and a poetry compilation, I'm doing my creative thing and sharing it.

If you’ve discovered my published work(s) and have come in search of more, this is where you will find more in-depth information about the characters that you love (or love to hate) and the worlds in which they live. Stories are nothing without people and places that come alive on the page, and sometimes you crave a little more when the book is closed, so is geared with that in mind. You’ll find a variety of interactive features which bring you closer to my works and my specific genre as a whole. If you’re so inclined, you may even pick up your pen and try your own hand at creating memorable characters that other readers will want to spend hours getting to know.

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Before you leave the site, consider writing a review on any of my work(s) that you’ve enjoyed. I’d appreciate you letting me know with a review via social media, or on Amazon, or directly on this website. Letting me know what works for you, helps me prepare for new stories. While you’re here, sign-up for my newsletter, too, for exclusive access to upcoming bonuses and occasional snippets on my writing journey--giving you a glimpse at how it all comes together. 

Are You a Fiction Writer?

If you’re a writer or just curious about aspects of writing, I'll be sharing a variety of helpful tips (from my perspective) on creating stories that engage readers.

Available for Your Event

I’m available for a variety of “Meet the Author” engagements (especially book clubs). In addition to creating my own characters and writing stories, I like sharing my perspectives on the writing life. I am also open to hosting “Ask the Author” webinars or Skype sessions at your request. It's fun entertaining others through my stories and sharing my knowledge of fiction writing.

Contact me to discuss your upcoming event.

Stay in Contact

Browse the site. Have fun with the interactive features on these pages. Be sure to leave your email address so that we can stay in contact. I will never sell your information, but I do welcome the opportunity to inform you of newly-published works and works-in-progress. I have some cool things planned, so we'll have plenty to celebrate in the months ahead.

Book News and Updates

I plan to bring more books and novels to my readers over time, and in fact, activity for Broken Benevolence is picking up, but two stories are available now, sold through trusted printing and publishing company,

Look for more on Broken Benevolence soon ...

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“... The End.”

Now what?

You’ll find all kinds of fun stuff to augment your story enjoyment within the site. Enjoy the writings of S.F. Powell along with many bonuses designed to help you to further engage with the characters in the books.

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